Sponsor: The Irondequoit Post
Artists: Eastridge High School painting class students: Samantha Anderson, David Bragg,
Andrea Cologgi, Robyn Hrabko, Jennifer Morse, Natalie Mueller,
Stephanie Prince, Melanie Rogala and Lora Zimmerman.
Location: The Irondequoit Post; Town Center – 45 Cooper Road (Library)

Owned and operated by Messenger Post Newspapers, The Irondequoit Press is a weekly suburban newspaper covering local news, events and sports in the Town of Irondequoit.  As a neighborhood newspaper, The Irondequoit Post is proud to participate in the progress of our region through community projects like Irondequoit Lighthouse Trail.

 Eastridge High School painting class students teamed up to create “Simpler Times”.  This lighthouse depicts images of Irondequoit between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, featuring scenes of vineyards; fruit orchards; boats; steam trains of the Glen Haven Line; Seabreeze and the Jack Rabbit; Newport House; Galusha Steam Ferry; former natatorium, the world’s largest salt pool at Seabreeze plus others.   And from the lighthouse windows, the White Lady of Durand-Eastman Park eerily peers out at Irondequoit!

Did you happen to see the lighthouse depicted in the design?


5. IRONDEQUOIT BAY (ca. 1790)