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Sponsor: R.C. Shaheen Paint & Decorating Centers
Artist: Mark Carter
Location: R.C. Shaheen Paint & Decorating Centers
2168 Hudson Avenue across from Titus Mall

 A strong leader in community service, R.C. Shaheen has been painting the town of Irondequoit (and Rochester) for over 50 years.  As a Board Member of the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Clubs, our company saw the lighthouse theme as a proven vehicle for attracting county residents and Spirit of Ontario Fast Ferry Tourists to patronize Irondequoit Businesses.

 Created by artist Mark Carter, known for his sculptures, fine art, faux finishing, special effects and elaborate murals, “The Rainbow Breeze” is a colorful representation of the Irondequoit area.   Beginning with a metallic bronze wrapped beacon and intense yellow-gold headlight, the field of this lighthouse descends to introduce a hazy cloud-laden day over Lake Ontario.  Its upper tower illustrates three unmistakable Irondequoit landmarks – and the rainbow continues in the lower scenes with an exciting ribbon of color erupting from a “magical” bucket of paint.  It streaks across Lake Ontario, hot air balloons, sailboats and Rochester’s newest grand venture – the Spirit of Ontario Fast Ferry.

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