Welcome to the Irondequoit Lighthouse Trail!

Irondequoit Lighthouse Trail

An Iroquois word meaning “where the land and waters meet,”  Irondequoit provides a perfect setting for the Irondequoit Lighthouse Trail!  Located just outside of Rochester, New York, this charming town is literally surrounded by three great waterways – the shores of Lake Ontario and forever-wild Durand Eastman Park define its northern border; the Genesee River marks its western border; and Irondequoit Bay delineates its eastern border.

The following pages highlight the 15 lighthouses that are being decorated with scenes of Irondequoit's history.  Each fiberglass lighthouse is ten-feet tall, and is part of the public art project being used to "generate excitement and tourism" around the town of Irondequoit.  If you will be in the area, you should definitely take a few hours to visit these fifteen pieces of art and history!

Each of the following pages includes photo(s) of the lighthouse, their location, along with  sponsor and artist information.  The number associated with each lighthouse corresponds to its location on the MAP

This information was obtained from the Navigation Map: Irondequoit Lighthouse Trail, distributed by the Messenger Post Newspapers, The Official Media Partner of the Irondequoit Lighthouse Trail. 

So, what do you say we start off along the Irondequoit Lighthouse Trail?