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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Climbing Guide & Points of Interest Map

Pocket Sized when folded, at approximately 4" x 9", it features the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse history, a map, facts, wildlife, points of interest, as well as nearby activities and park information. Unfolded, it measures approximately 9" x 24".

$3.00 each

Lighthouse Maps & Guides at SEA THE

Massachusetts Lighthouses
Map and Guide

Illustrated map and guide to all Massachusetts lighthouses. Informative highway map shows the name and location of each lighthouse. More than four dozen original watercolor paintings surround the map. The guide gives the history of each lighthouse and directions to the site or the best viewing spot.


Lighthouse Maps & Guides at SEA THE

Southeast Lighthouses Map and Guide

The map and guide covers every standing lighthouse in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Each lighthouses is named and located on a highway map of the southeast, coastal region. Also shown are historic "lost Lighthouses," marine and lighthouse related museums. Each lighthouse is depicted in a beautiful original watercolor illustration. The guide presents a brief history of each light, and detailed, accurate directions to the lighthouse, or the best viewing spot, for more remote lighthouses.


Lighthouse Maps & Guides at SEA THE

Northwest Lighthouses Map and Guide

Illustrated map to all the lighthouses of Oregon and Washington, including more than two dozen original watercolor paintings of the lighthouses. Also on the map are the names and locations of lighthouses on Vancouver Island and southern British Columbia. The guide portion gives brief histories of the lighthouses (including Alaska) with directions to the lights or the best viewing spots.  



Lighthouse Maps & Guides at SEA THE
United States Lighthouses Map and Guide

An authoritative map and directory to every standing lighthouse in the United States. Each lighthouse is located and named on a relief map of the U.S. The directory lists over 700 standing lighthouse, by state, and includes year of construction and a description of its location. The map is richly illustrated with more than 50 original illustrations from artists across America, to show the beauty and variety of lighthouses.


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