Brown Sugar Disc
The Brown Sugar Disc™ is the great little gadget that magically restores rock hard brown sugar to it's original silky smooth state. Simply soak the Disc in water for 15 minutes, place in the container with your brown sugar. Overnight the Disc works it's wonder on even the toughest rock-hard brown sugar. The Brown Sugar Disc™ is re-usable, requiring only periodical re-soaking.

Cookie Press

Traditional cookie making fun! Create your own family traditions and sweet memories. Includes simple shortbread recipe inside package.

Pot Watchers®
The telephone rings just as you place that pot of pasta on the stove... in the past this would be a recipe for a messy stove.
Just place a Pot Watcher® in the pot when you fill it. The natural physics of the Pot Watcher® prevents the pot from boiling over. The Pot Watcher® is dishwasher safe and can be used over and over. Great for potatoes, pasta, vegetables and soups.

$3.00 each (plus Shipping)
Size is approximately 2-1/2 inches each

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