Sponsor: Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority
Artists: Deborah McAfee
Location: Seabreeze Bus Loop

In 1879, the Rochester and Lake Ontario Railroad opened a picnic area near the shore of Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay – Sea Breeze Park.  It was the last stop on the horse drawn railroad line originating at Portland Avenue and Bay Street.  A year later, vendors began operating rides and amusement stands in the park.  And in 1887, the Rochester Railway Company replaced horse drawn cars with electric trolleys powered by overhead lines – and electric trolley service to Sea Breeze began.

Many changes to the park have occurred over the years – as has the form of transportation used to get there.  When creating “Serving Seabreeze for 125 Years,” artist Deborah McAfee took into consideration the proud history of Regional Transportation Service.  Today, RTS provides high tech bus service to Seabreeze Amusement Park, with over 20 trips per day.   This engaging lighthouse features three drivers at its base, past and present RTS vehicles, the city skyscape and traffic signals.